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Rifle Fairings is well known throughout the motorcycling world for the past 25 years as a quality manufacturer of aftermarket fairings and windshields. Throughout the past 25 years Rifle has also provided plastic and metal job shop services to business delivered with the same standards and care as our consumer products. Rifle is well known locally for its heavy-gauge vacuum forming expertise, and our ability to take a project from drawing/idea to the finished product.

RIFLE Job Shop Capabilities:
    • Vacuum Forming
    •     Design
    •     Pattern and Mold Making
    •     Production/Manufacturing
    •     Post-processing and Finishing
    • CNC Routing
      CNC Machining
      Metal Processing
    •     Stamping
    •     Bending
    •     Surface Finishing
    •     Small Part Powder Coating

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    Fifle can vacuum form large heavy gauge parts
    Rifle can vacuum form large heavy-gauge parts
    Rifle's metal maching stamping polishing capabilities
    Rifle's metal machining stamping polishing capabilities
    Rifle CNC machining and small part powder coating capability
    CNC machining and small part powder coating
    Rifle can vacuum and finish small parts
    Rifle job shop small part vacuum forming and finishing capability